Maxi dress

The abstract maxi dress, the perfect garment

The maxi dress straight dress has become the most versatile garment for women this summer. Which makes it the perfect garment, if you don’t know what to wear on any occasion that may arise in these months.

The maxi dresses are long dresses and loose patterns. You can find from those with a straighter and more classic cut (for example, shirt dresses), to those with a more oversize, voluminous, or vaporous cut. You just have to choose those that favor you and with which you feel identified.

The maxi dress, the perfect garment:

To go to the beach, choose a very fluid one with straps or a shirt cut. This will also be ideal for wearing as a kimono if you unbutton it completely.

For travel, opt for a light one that is comfortable for you to sit for hours and that you will also love to wear when taking photos at your vacation spot. Photos with flowing dresses in places of interest are very colorful.

To work. If your plans are not for vacations, but quite the opposite, the maxi dress is a garment that you can also wear. Everything will depend on your work and level of formality.

You have options for more formal dresses in neutral colors and straight cuts, which include a belt that marks your waist. Wear it with closed shoes, or heels. But if you don’t need so much formality, choose the one you like the most that allow you to do your job comfortably. You can combine it with sneakers, sandals (flat, platform, or high-heeled), esparto wedges, or cowboy boots.

For an evening event or wedding, in a striking color or print, with a halter neckline, with puffed sleeves, with ruffles, fitted to the chest, with an interesting neckline on the back, with a cutout… you have many design options that will make you feel precious.

Tricks to look stylish:

The tricks to avoiding looking short or too wide are: wear fabric with drape, avoid very large prints and with harsh color contrasts, do not choose it with overlapping volumes in the skirt and chest area (better to wear volumes on the shoulders), combine it with shoes that give you some height and a small or medium bag (that does not fall below your hip if you carry it on your shoulder).

Do you already have your abstract maxi dress for this summer in your closet? Do you have it, but do not know if it is ideal for you? Don’t know how to combine it? Still don’t have the one you fall in love with, but would love to find it?

The solution is very simple, go to and we will help you with these doubts and all that you need to know about your style, image, and fashion purchases.

Women dresses:

Are you in search of the right dress that can be wore in every occasion? Without a doubt, you are in the right place, because at, we have a wide selection of short, midi, and long dresses.

Find in our women’s dresses section the garment you need to create that look you have in mind. In the collection, you will find proposals in all colors: white, black, red, printed dresses… with different types of cuts and different necklines so you can choose the one that suits you best, all kinds of fabrics and, of course, the most varied styles.

Short, midi, and long dresses for women:

Every fashion dress has a best friend. And you know what’s best? You will also find it here! Mini dresses that cry out for high sandals, pinafore dresses that you can combine with a turtleneck sweater in winter and a short-sleeved t-shirt in summer, midi dresses that are ideal for going out for a walk or going to work, long dresses and romantics turned rockers in a leather jacket and studded boots.

In addition, the same garment can express very different personalities if you know how to combine them. Do you have a lingerie dress and want to wear it to a formal and elegant event?

Long Maxi dress
Long Maxi dress

She wears pumps with a thin heel and long earrings and a statement bag… perfect for the occasion! If, on the other hand, you want to wear it to a festival, wear comfortable sneakers and find the trend glasses that go best with your dress.

Casual jacket and you have it done. What do you want to take advantage of it for a work meeting? Wear it over a basic white t-shirt and add a blazer over the shoulders to your look. This is just one example of how to style your fashion dress, but the possibilities are endless.

Find your perfect combination in our collection: short dresses, midi, long, tight, oversize, shirt dresses, jeans, lingerie, overalls, jumpsuits, and jumpsuits.

With prints, animal print, striped, checkered, floral, or plain. Fitted, asymmetrical, embroidered, buttoned, gathered, ruffled, zipped, pocketed, knotted, or basic.

Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, strappy, sleeveless, armhole; with square or round neckline, straight or sweetheart neckline, V-neck, boat neck, box neck, halter neck, Perkins, swan neck, bare shoulders… As you can see, there are as many options as you can imagine, the hardest thing will be deciding on one!

At, our collection of plunging neck maxi dress and dresses have been designed for all types of women; so that, whatever you are, you can find your ideal look. A selection of garments to enhance your figure but, above all, so that you can say what you think through fashion.

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