The best, sexy, and cheap going out tops at Solado

Women’s tops and t-shirts are the best allies when it comes to attending a going-out party and also renewing the wardrobe and adopting the latest fashion trends.

Give free rein to your imagination, combine your favorite designs and thus achieve a unique and incomparable look! This season everything revolves around achieving a look that is the more daring and striking the better.

So, choose between nautical stripes, bright colors, or charming floral prints and complete the look with your favorite pair of jeans. From comfy cotton T-shirts to sexy off-the-shoulder summer tops with charming details, we have all the basic tops you need.

How to wear a women’s top or t-shirt this season?

Animal prints not only continue to be one of the great protagonists when it comes to t-shirts, but they also look great with any type of denim garment.

In the same way, tops with slogans and printed texts are still the order of the day, especially those whose phrases allow expressing the state of mind with which one has woken up that day.

In addition, this type of garment can be worn on both formal and informal occasions, so get your favorite design and combine it with a pencil skirt and a blazer to go to work, and with a pair of flared jeans and sandals in bright colors to go for lunch with friends on Sundays.

Showing the shoulders has become one of the sexiest trends of the moment, so don’t wait any longer, get yourself an off-the-shoulder top or romper playsuit and show off your natural charm.

This type of top is perfect both with denim garments and flowing skirts in maxi and midi lengths. Complete the look with a pair of sandals and a weather jacket when it starts to get chilly, and you’re good to go.

Fortunately, cropped tops are still the order of the day, so be prepared to show off your belly button. Although, believe it or not, it is also possible to wear one of these tops without revealing your abdominal area.

What’s more, this is precisely why we love high-waisted skirts and pants. Don’t you think? And it is that combining a charming striped cropped top with high waist pants is an excellent way to show off a most stylish look, ideal both to go out with friends and to go on a date on a miniature golf course.

Here we suggest some of the best sexy going out tops styles:

1. Black One Sleeve Top:

The tops with a single long sleeve are going to be your best allies on party nights both in spring and summer and in winter. In addition, big brands have already convinced us to wear puffed sleeves with their most beautiful party top, so dare with a top with only one long puffed sleeve and you will have the key garment to succeed at all your parties and events.

2. Sleeveless Party Tops:

If you are looking for a cooler option, you can also opt for a wide strap top with one sleeve. In one of the fashionable prints of the season, such as the flower print, or in one of the colors that are going to succeed this spring-summer 2022. The key is that it falls just above the navel so that you can wear it with your skirts. midi and high-waisted pants as a cropped top.

3. Check blouse:

The perfect middle ground between tank tops and long-sleeved blouses. Asymmetric tops with short sleeves are perfect for all spring and summer. Of course, bet on tops with a balloon or puffed sleeves to add that chic touch to all your looks. And if you dare with one of the fashionable prints of the season, such as Vichy checks, much better.

4. White puff sleeve top:

These types of tops are the favorites of influencers, because they do not give as much heat as long-sleeved ones, but they dress more than those with straps.

You can bet on long blouses or crop tops; the secret is to choose a model with slightly puffed sleeves and in one of the trendy colors or prints, such as white. If you dare, you can also take risks with more daring prints such as the cow print, and the spring surprise trend print.

5. A Basic white t-shirt with one sleeve:

The asymmetric trend has also reached the basic summer shirts. And we are not talking about short-sleeved fashion t-shirts like the most famous Levi’s t-shirt that they have reissued, but about the basic tank tops that you do not get rid of on the hottest summer days because they look good, literally, with everything.

6. Women’s black blouse with flared sleeves:

Another winter trend that continues for summer is the flared sleeve. Therefore, an alternative to the puffed sleeve, if you still do not see yourself with that trend or want different alternatives, is the asymmetrical tops with flared sleeves.

7. Ruffle top:

The spring-summer 2022 fashion outfits are crying out for you to wear ruffles, a trend that has even reached swimsuits and bikinis, and some of the most beautiful ruffled blouses of the season are also asymmetrical. Bet on the ruffles at the neckline to go up a bust size and hide a tummy, as they divert attention to the neckline.

8. Floral top with puffed sleeves:

And they could not miss the one-sleeved tops with the quintessential fashion print of spring-summer 2022: flowers. In this case, the shape, length, and style of the sleeve do not matter, because the main protagonists are the flowers.

In addition, you can combine them with plain garments or dare to create the craziest combinations of prints.

9. Women’s one-sleeve bikinis:

The trend of single-sleeved tops has also reached bikinis and swimsuits. And the models that have filled the stores for this summer are so beautiful that you can also wear them to go out as bodysuits or crop tops. Choose a white model or one with one of the season’s trendy prints and you’ll have the perfect 2-in-1 for summer.

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