Cleaning Hacks

Easy Cleaning Hacks

Oily Chimney’s– With time oil dust settles over chimney’s and suddenly the sparkling fish starts looking dusty and dirty. It gets difficult to fight oil dust and takes a lot of time for cleaning. Dab some dishwashing detergent on a cloth and rub on the chimney, the dust will be wiped off. If the dirt is too strong try cleaning with a aluminium bristle, instead of cloth. Once its clean, wipe it off with a clean wet cloth to remove the detergent. You will be amazed by the result.

For the filters of the chimney, fill a bucket with hot, really hot water and add detergent in it. Immerse the filters in it for sometime. Afterwards you can use toothbrush to clean them. Let it dry in sun completely before use.

Hard Water stains on Taps– Its really hard to keep your taps clean all the time, especially if you stay in an area where the water is hard. You get those white salty patches over taps, which look ugly. And believe me its not easy to clean it. For this just take a little bit of Vim or any other dishwashing soap, not a liquid one, and rub onto the tap with a very soft utensil cleaner sponge. Wash and the stains will be gone.

Sanitizing and cleaning Microwave– Its easy to clean a microwave from outside, but its equally difficult to clean it from inside. Take a cup filled 3/4th with water and cut a lemon into half. Add few lemon drops to the water and place the rest piece of lemon in the cup. Now place this cup inside the microwave and turn it on for 3-4 minutes. After that let it rest for few more minutes. Do not open the door. The vapors formed due to lemon water will sanitize the appliance. After few minutes you can clean it from inside by the help of a cloth.

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