6 Ways To Get The White Shirt Look Right In Winters

Almost all of us have at-least one white shirt in our wardrobe which simply comes to our rescue when nothing works for the day. But it really gets tricky, when it comes to wearing shirts in winters as styling them properly is necessary otherwise they look shabby and not so cool. Here are a few ways how you can wear a white shirt in winters….

The cardigan look– Cardigans keep you warm in winters and look great too. But its not like that you have to wear only T-shirts underneath it. You can definitely match a white shirt with your regular denim and cardigan for winters.

The jacket look– When you want to look stylish wear a jacket without a doubt. And winters give you a perfect reason to wear one with your denim and white shirt look.

Get the denim look right– If you love denims and want a casual look then pair denim bottoms with a denim jacket like this. Needless to say that the white shirt goes perfectly with this look.

Match single color outfits– For example wear a black bottom and a black jacket or a pullover together with a white color shirt. This type of styling is particularly helpful for petite size girls and women’s, as this trick can make you look a little longer.

Cropped jackets or pullovers– Cropped jacket is another big thing for winters and therefore you can coolly match cropped winter wear with a white shirt underneath.

Pair with a sleeveless cardigan– Wear this look for not so cold winter days.

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