8 Must Have Jewelry Styles For All The Saree Lovers

If you are someone who loves wearing saree’s then you must be watching out for accessories to match with your different saree outfits. After all wearing right kind of accessories is so important to make your look go perfect that you can’t risk wearing anything with everything. So here are a few jewelry types for all those women and girls who just love to create a perfect traditional look with the right kind of accessories.

Temple jewelry– You must have at least one temple jewelry in your collection to go with your sarees. They come in different styles and sizes and what you want is something you can decide. So you can either choose a short or a long length necklace for yourself.

Kundan jewelry– Now who will deny having this style……well its basically everybody’s favorite as it generally goes with every saree style.

Oxidized or silver jewelry– Another must have style is silver or any basic oxidized jewelry. Silver jewelry is perfect to wear when you have to tone down your look a bit. Its also great to wear to achieve a rustic look.

Statement neckpiece– Modern designs are perfect to wear with contemporary sarees. If you have a saree which is more on the modern lines, then wear a contemporary design with it.

Multilayer strings– A delicate multi layer neckpiece goes well with a plain silk saree. You can pick one in traditional gold color or the ones which are done with zerkins.

Colored beads– Though colored beads come in choker style also, but the long ones are really eye catchy. Wear them with plain or lightly textured sarees and they will look great.

Pearls– Pearls never fail to impress and its true. They add a chic and elegant touch to your look and are indispensable. Moreover they look great with almost everything.

Delicate choker– You must invest in a delicate golden or silver choker. It is something which will come to your rescue when nothing else works.

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