5 Pastel Shade Color Combinations For Lehnga’s

Pastel lehnga‘s have their own charm. They look super feminine and ultra girlish. And if you are a fan of pastel shade lehnga’s, then you would definitely want to keep one set for your wedding function. Pastel shade lehnga’s are perfect for day weddings which let you embrace all the lively color combinations. Here are a few color combinations to try with a pastel yellow shade….

Yellow Blue– Powder blue and pastel yellow go together very well. Its a very feminine color combination which can be tried by the bridesmaid too.

Yellow Grey– If you are a fan of dead colors as they say in fashion term, then do opt for a pastel shade in grey. The lightest tint of grey or powder grey will look gorgeous with powder yellow color.

Yellow Peach– Though this color option has been explored a lot in recent times, but it still makes it to the list as it never fails to impress with the final look.

Yellow Green– Powder green and yellow is another great option to try if you want to keep it a little traditional for the event.

Yellow and hot pink– This is a super gorgeous color combination to try out for those who want to mix a bright shade along with a pastel one.

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