5 Ways To Add A Subtle Blouse Piece To Your Plain Handloom Saree’s

Traditional handloom saree is something which every women wears with pride and keeps it safely in her wardrobe. And though there are so many ways to look absolutely stunning in this piece of a saree, but we have a few blouse ideas for those who want to keep the entire look subtle and chic.

Embroidered organza blouse– A traditional handloom saree can be teemed with a organza blouse. The sheer texture of organza will compliment the solid texture of the saree. You can either use a plain or a textured organza for the blouse, but adding embroidery to it in muted tones will be much nicer.

Matching brocades– Tone on tone brocade fabric can be matched with your saree. The woven texture on the brocade will make your plain saree look more rich and elegant.

Keep it formal– Formal styles which are inspired by modern silhouettes are best to carry as office wear. So blouse silhouettes inspired by button down shirt or a collared shirt will be a great addition for your plain handloom saree.

Play with prints– Plain sarees are fun to mix and match with different things. Likewise you can use different prints to go with your plain handloom saree. To keep the look muted use a print with the base color same as of your saree.

Play with colors– Using tonal color variation for the blouse piece is an another great thing to go for. You can go two or three shades darker or lighter depending on the look of your saree.

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