4 Blouse Styles With Flirty Frills For Your Saree Blouse Look

Frills add a very romantic touch to the garments. They look so feminine and playful. But they are not just for western cuts well, you can also use them for blouse and traditional wear. Here are some blouse styles to explore which you can wear with a saree….

Frill on the neckline– One great way to use frills on your blouse is to use it on the neckline. Frills can be added to necklines like round, square but it looks best with a V neckline. It’s a great design detail to add to deep V necklines especially for the plain blouse styles.

Add it to hemline– Adding frills to hemlines make the boring plain hemlines look striking. If you are eyeing on a western cut for the blouse then do use frills to make it look more gorgeous.

Use it as sleeves– You can also fake a sleeve look with the frills. Attaching them in layers with the neckline gives an extended look to the frills which looks like sleeves.

Frill lace– Frill lace is an another thing to use on your blouse. You can use it either at the back hemline or at the the sleeves for a girlish feminine look.

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