5 Ways To Pick A Sleeveless Blouse With A Traditional Saree

Traditional saris can be worn with so many blouse options. One of them is picking up a sleeveless design to go with your traditional silk or cotton saris. But there are many ways to team both the things and here is how you can do it…..

The sequence– It’s said that you must have one gold blouse in your wardrobe. And what can be much better than having an all gold sequence blouse instead of the plain one. It will go perfectly with most of your silk saris.

Matching blouse– Though a matching blouse is pretty common but the cut of the blouse does matter. A simple sleeveless blouse with narrow shoulders is the best silhouette if you want an ultra feminine look.

Textured fabric– So if you want a similar color blouse and if a plain shade doesn’t interests you, then go for a similar color textured fabric. A textured fabric will bring a new life to your attire.

Contrast shades– You can also pick up total contrast shades to go with your traditional saris.

Printed style– A sleeveless printed blouse would look gorgeous with a self textured or plain traditional saree. Instead of going for plain shades you can choose a nice print to add a texture to your dressing.

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