9 Ways To Revamp Your Old Jeans

Denims never go out of fashion nor do they get worn out easily. But there are times when you do not wish to hang around in the same pair anymore, so next you think is to throw them out. But not anymore, look at these inspirations and revamp your old pairs like never before….

Use laces– Cotton laces with colorful embroidery is something which goes very well with a pair of denim. Use it to highlight the hem of the denim along with a matching tassel lace. Remember that to use a tassel lace you need to have a high rise denim otherwise the tassel will hang too low on your foot.

Try hand paint– Hand paint is the easiest way to bring a new life to an old pair of denim. And though this picture has an embroidered hem but you can definitely take this as an inspiration and work towards a hand painted hemline instead.

Paint the inside– You can also paint the inside part of the denim and once you fold the hem it will show and look super stylish.

Get party ready with chains– Now this is time consuming and you will have to put in a little effort to achieve this but isn’t it worth doing. This is a perfect pair of denim for a night out.

Simply white– Get summer ready by using cotton laces in mesh and hacoba patterns to embellish your denims.

Fur Fun– Fur laces lend a feminine and flirty look to the garment, do try it.

Use stones– Colorful stones add a bling to the denim, making it a perfect party wear jeans.

Take help of layering – For a super stylish look use a rugged denim and wear net leggings from inside.

Flare denim– Turn your straight fit denims into a flare one by ripping the side seams and inserting fabric of your choice there.

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