DIY Knee highlights to revamp denim jeans

Highlighting denim jeans is the best way to make your old denims look new. And if you are bored of wearing plain single color denims, then you can add a bit of interesting design elements to revamp their look. One way to do so it to highlight the knee area, as this part of the bottoms is more visible. And if you use eye catchy elements on this part then it would make your denims to stand out. Here are a few ideas to do so…

Use interesting motifs– Pick simple but interesting motifs to highlight the desired area.

Give your mood the right words– You can also use interesting two word phrases like ‘Awe Some’ or ‘Hello Beautiful’ or any other interesting words to highlight the knees.

Abstract design– To make the artwork more interesting go for simple abstract motifs instead of the repetitive ones.

Cutout motifs– Now you can either do this at home or take help of a professional embroider in your locality. The trick is simple, simply trace a motif at the knee area and cut it out with the help of the scissor. Be careful not to cut the back of the jeans while doing so. Now with the help of the needle and embroidery thread you can easily seal the edges of the cutout with a blanket stitch. Or you can also ask a local embroider to seal the edges with the machine embroidery.

Paint your favorite cartoon characters– This would be so much fun to do, and will also make your denim look super awesome.

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