4 Ways To Create Rugged Or Distress Denim Look

Thinking of discarding the old denims, well wait a minute. You can give them a whole new look by simply using various distress or rugged techniques. And don’t just stop here, you can further embellish or paint or patch them to take their look to an another level. Here are a few simple techniques to create rugged or distress look yourself….

Sandpaper– If you want to give a slightly worn out effect on your denim then using a sandpaper is a good idea. The best part is that sandpaper is not too harsh and it will allow slow but steady results. Simply rub sandpaper to the area where you want to create a worn out effect. The amount of pressure you put in will decide the final effect created.

The cut method– First decide and mark the area which needs to be rugged and then make one or several cuts in that area. Now the number of cut you make depends upon the kind of look you want to create. With the help of the tweezers remove the threads from the warp and you will get a result like this.

Razor– You can also simply use a razor to create a distress look on your denim jeans.

Pumice stone– Use a simple pumice stone to create a faded look on the denim. You can combine this effect with other distress techniques. For example start with a pumice stone effect, and when the denim fades out slightly then use razor or any other stuff to create the distress look.

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