Blouse Ideas To Match With Your Kerala Saree’s

Kerala saree look gorgeous on every women. They look elegant and chic, and is one of the rare saree types which is a must have piece for every saree lover. Though there is not much which you should do to this saree as it looks best as is, but you can definitely try wearing it with different kind of blouses. Here are a few examples….

Off shoulder style– A short off shoulder top would add a perfect contemporary look to the traditional kerala saree. You can also add details currently in fashion like ruffle’s or a circular hem to your sleeve for a modern touch.

Natural Tussar blouse– If you love wearing silk then a natural tussar silk blouse in colors like natural off white and natural gold are best to make your kerala saree look more elegant. You can also choose to have a delicate mirror work embroidery all over.

Embroidery– Embroidery adds a richness to the attire. Similarly your plain blouse will look more chic if you add a bit of embroidery to it. You can go for all embroidered patterns,or just get an abstract embroidery done only on the sleeves.

Traditional printed fabrics– Printed fabrics like kalamkari, Bagh and bagru are perfect to wear with your traditional kerala saree. They add a fun element to the otherwise plain attire.

Regular prints– If you don’t find traditional prints, then any other interesting print will also do the trick. You can choose tone on tone prints if you want a subtle look, or go for high contrasts for fun.

Silk Brocades– Brocades are always special so you can also use a brocade fabric to go with your kerala saree.

Tone on tone brocade– If you don’t want to wear your saree with high contrast colors, then choose an off white color brocade fabric for the blouse.

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