DIY Embellished Shirts

Often we get bored of our old shirts and want to ditch them for the new ones.

But do you know that you can do so much on those shirts to make them look all new.

Here are few DIY ideas which will help you to revamp the look of your old shirts…

Power of SwarovskiSwarovski crystals in different sizes and tones can convert a simple formal shirt into a nice party wear stuff. Decide your pattern and all you will need is a pack of stones and a heat set tool which helps in setting up the crystals onto the fabric.You can place them randomly like in the picture or create some motifs out of them.

Buttons and stones– If you have chunky and rustic buttons leftovers then this is a great idea. Mix them with stones in different shapes and sizes and you can use them to embellish collars or the front area of the shirt.

Pearl effect-Linen shirts can be embellished with pearls in different sizes. The shiny yet subtle texture of pearls go well with the matte look of the linen fabric and therefore they compliment each other well.

Chains and buttons– You can also create a pattern like this with jerkin buttons in antique silver, combined with off white matte beads, pearls and chains. Chains hanging from the tip of the collar looks interesting and you can decide on the length you want.

Get some color-Bright colored stones turn the most boring pieces into happy ones. Pick up dark color shirts or even your denim shirts for this look. You can embellish collar, chest pockets or even cuffs like this, but remember to keep it minimal as too much will overdo the look.

Embellish checks– Even shirts with checks and stripes can be embellished like this.

Embellish white shirts– Few simple patterns like this can be tried on white shirts.

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