Modern embroidery Trend

Embroideries give a new twist to the garment and is also an essential part of the clothing. A good embroidery never fails to impress as it just lifts up the entire look of the garment.

But its not necessary that the embroideries should always have nice floral patterns, well it can be inspired by anything around us like the bee’s, butterflies, dragonfly and what not.

This modern take on embroidery is something very stylish and should be tried as its looks very peppy and full of life.

Here are few ways to indulge in it….

Shirt cuff-Taking inspiration from international label Gucci, plain shirts can happily have a nice embroidery like this for an instant pep up. It can be done in shades of gold with copper wires which is called dabka and tilla. Shirts done on satin and heavier fabrics can hold the embroidery much nicely.

Woolens– Ever thought of how to bring life to your old sweaters. Pre embroidered cutouts or patches are available in the market and can be easily used to decorate stitched clothes. A clusters of them with bee, butterfly etc. can be done over the shoulder for a eye catchy piece.

Jackets– Even jackets can be introduced to this embroidery and is a fun way to wear a formal suit. An embroidered figure below the chest pocket gives a new twist to the otherwise plain and simple jacket.

Embroidery on net– This embroidery looks really fascinating over tulle or net fabric as its provides a delicate see through base which is apt for this sort of embroidery. Delicate raw material like leather cutouts, lightweight stones, Swarovski crystals can be used to make figures.

Sweat shirts or top– Even sweat shirts and tops can have this embroidery done in tone on tone variations in an all over pattern, or even in an abstract form.

Image Reference: Pinterest

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