Indian Papad Recipes

Papad has a very special place in Indian cuisine. It’s a great addition to every food and tastes great.

Here are few Papad recipes you can easily try at home….

Potato Papad– Take 1 kg potatoes, wash and boil them. Do not overdo, once done let them cool down and grate them. Mix salt, red chilli powder and mash. Grease hands with oil and make small balls out of this mixture. To make papad you will need two transparent plastic sheet, grease the first sheet and place it on the rolling board.

Now take one ball and grease it a little bit, place it on the rolling board, place other plastic sheet over it. You can now make papad with the help of rolling pin.

After it’s done, place them in a big poly sheet and let them dry in the sun. Keep turning the sides after 3-4 hours. Remember to dry them completely before storing. Whenever you want to have papad, fry them in oil and enjoy.

Moong Dal Papad– Mix yellow moong dal and split black bean in a half half ratio and grind them into a flour. Boil water in a pan and add salt to it, let it boil for 2-3 minutes and use this water to prepare a dough of the dal powder prepared earlier.

Make into small balls and with the help of the rolling pin prepare papad. Dry in sun, you can also add freshly ground pepper to the dough for a spicy flavor.

Rice Papad– Take rice flour in a bowl and add water slowly to it while continuously stirring the mixture in order to avoid forming lumps. Prepare a smooth batter, and add salt and cumin seeds and mix everything. keep aside for 10 minutes. Prepare the steamer pot in advance and grease a small plate, add 1 -1/2 tbsp of the mixture in it and place it in the steamer. Put the lid and once the mixture changes color check whether it’s done. Take it out and let it cool completely. Remember that rice is generally sticky, so if you do not have patience enough to let it cool down completely, it will break. Take it out with a knife and dry.



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