Recipes For Karwa Chawth

Having a good food is very necessary after a day long fast in karva chauth. For this you should be prepared before as it gets difficult to prepare everything instantly.

Here are few recipes you can try in the evening, to break the fast…..

Fruit Chaat– A very healthy mix of fruits slightly spiced, this is something with which you should start your food with for a healthy start. Mix lemon juice to bananas and apples as soon as you cut them otherwise they will start browning. Now add mangoes and boiled sweet potatoes to this mixture. You can also add pomegranate seeds for a tangy flavor. This recipe can also be done with the fruits easily available to you. Now keep this mixture in fridge. Shallow fry some potatoes and keep them aside. When you are ready to serve, take out the fruits and mix potatoes with them. Finally sprinkle Black salt, chaat masala and red chili powder. 

Sweet potatoes Tikki– For the starter this is a very good option. Take boiled or roasted sweet patatoes and mash them. Add ginger green chili paste, chaat masala, lemon juice, dry mango powder, cumin seeds, chilli powder, rock salt and a pinch of garam masala. Add buckwheat flour to bind the mixture and roll them in the shape of Tikki’s. Shallow fry them and serve with chutney or raita. 

Phool Makhana raita– Dry roast makhana till they become crunchy and allow it to cool completely. Now coarsely crush them with a rolling pin. Add curd in a bowl and add cumin powder, black salt, a pinch of garam masala, chilli powder, and add makahana to it. Add chopped coriander and mint leaves. 

Lauki Halwa– Take full cream milk for this recipe as it will turn out to be more creamier and tasty. In a pan take Milk and grated bottle gourd. Simmer this mixture on low flame and keep on stirring between intervals. After some time add crushed cardamom, you can add cashew and almonds too. When all the milk has evaporated, add few spoons of ghee and mix. Add sugar and mix for few minutes and it’s done. 

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