Packing Basic Makeup Essentials For A Trip

While traveling or not but everyone likes flaunting a little bit of makeup according to their personal choices. But while you are traveling you cannot pack everything for the trip, in that case follow these simple tips which will keep you going strong with a very basic make up kit.

Sunscreen with moisturizer– Invest in a good sunscreen, this is very very important if you do not want to return all tanned after your vacation. Especially if you are hitting beaches or places prone to sunny climate, it will prove as a life saver. Choose a sunscreen according to your skin type, and test it before using it. SPF present in the sunscreen prevents you from the ultraviolet rays of sun and moisturizer protects and nourishes the skin. I have a combination skin and use sunscreen from Forest Essentials and it’s pretty good.

Lip gloss or a lip balm– A lip gloss with SPF will be good, but if you are a freaky one and do not like much of chemicals on the skin, then choose a normal herbal moisturizing lip gloss. It will provide you the right kind of gloss and moisturize the lips too, best for when you do not wish to wear lipsticks. Remember lip gloss will always be shiny and lip balm will be matte comparatively.

Concealer– How we wish that nobody had to use it, but if your skin has marks, then this will help to hide it out. Use it when you have to party during the travel. Comes as a creme stick and in liquid form, you can choose between them.

Eye pencil– Well this saves a little space, as it can be used as a liner, kajal and eyebrow pencil. You can also use a waterproof pen for travel, as it won’t smudge or run. MAC waterproof pen is good for this purpose.

Nude Color sticks– Nude lipsticks are very useful and can be used in different ways. It has multiple uses and can be used as a blush on, lip color and eye shadow. So one stick can be used in so many different ways and will save you from carrying the extra items.


Mascara– A transparent mascara for the day and a black one for night will keep your eyelashes in shape all through the travel too. You can also use it to shape your eyebrows.


Baby cream or makeup remover– Invest in a good make-up remover, which suits your skin type. It should be gentle and should not be harsh on your skin. The best would be going in for a good baby cream, it’s an excellent product for this purpose.




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