Planning Your Luggage For A Trip

Planning luggage correctly is very important for any trip whether its official or a family one…here are few things to remember while doing so….

Choose the right kind of a luggage bag. This is the basic and very important thing and should be on a priority checklist for a trip. Do not compromise on comfort level and invest in a good and branded luggage bag. You definitely don’t want to keep struggling with the uncomfortable stuff and spoil your whole trip. Secondly, choose the size of the luggage bag according to your needs for the upcoming trip. If your trip is short and you do not have much stuff to pack, then choose a small bag instead of a full size suitcase. It will make your trip a lot easier.

Mix and match your stuff– Well you cannot pack your entire wardrobe for your trip, so intelligently choose the stuff you want to wear for the upcoming days, keeping in mind the kind of a trip you are going for.

Choose your footwear wisely– Again, it is very important to keep in mind what kind of a footwear you want to pack. If you are on an official trip then try flat ballerinas or less heels in which you would be comfortable, since too much of traveling has to be done. If you are hitting the beach, then waterproof footwear will be an idle choice. Ideally two pairs are enough for any trip. Well you will have to resist yourself to take an extra pair after that, as you will be fine with 2 pairs also, and there is no point increasing the luggage.

Accessories are important too– Well cut down on few clothes if you don’t have space, but don’t forget to carry few accessories. They change the simple look into a stylish one and add a style to your dressing. Great way for the mix and match idea too, you can change the top and accessories and still keep repeating your denims, shorts or skirt.

Don’t forget your essential kit– Well this can have anything, which you are addicted to like your favorite tea bags, skin care essentials like lip balm, lipstick, liner, moisturizer, face wash etc. You can pack eatables in different pouch and essential items in a different one. Likewise do not forget to keep your medicines and few basic things like Dettol, antiseptic cream, cotton, bandage etc in a separate pouch.

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