Life Hacks With Lost Socks

We generally tend to loose one or the other pair of socks and everyone has a few lying in their cupboard for sure.

Here are few life hacks which can be done using them….

Floor cleaning– Since the fabric of the socks is great to pick up dust, you can fit it along with your normal wipers to clean the floors. They absorb the water easily and therefore would also be great for cleaning up balconies, open areas and bathing rooms.

Bottle warmers– Woolen socks are really helpful in creating a bottle warmer like this. All you have to do is to cut down a sock from the bottom for it to fit the length of your bottle, and the cover is ready. In winters you can use them to keep the bottle contents like coffee, tea, hot water warm for a longer duration.

Phone armband– Create an interesting armband for your phone by cutting it into a square. You can now easily carry your phone while doing exercise or jogging. You can also carry your ipod like this and play music while doing workout.

Create a floor mat– Since they soak water easily, this can be an apt use of the bundle of lost socks which are lying in your cupboard. Place them in a zig zag manner over a base of a plain mat and it can be a great thing for bathing rooms.

Use for oil containers– Thin socks can also be used to cover oil bottles, this way the bottles will not stain the racks of your cabinet.

Handy for shoes– You can organize shoes in them which will keep them handy and clean while traveling. This will also help to keep your other stuff untouched and clean.

Odor absorber– Use them as natural odor absorber bags for fridge and smelly shoes. Fill in some baking soda or coffee grounds in a sock and place them inside the shoes or fridge and this bag will absorb all the odor.

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