Chantley Lace Inspired Saree

Chantilly lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern, and abundant detail. It is also known as French lace as it is mostly manufactured there.

Done in different floral patterns, its one of the finest lace fabrics known. Little expensive though, but its charm and class are impossible to beat.

Here are few styles how this can be used for sarees….

Golden Chantley Saree Set– The fabric Chantley itself is so rich, that it does not requires additional piece of embroidery or laces. Gold is basically one of the most popular and all time favorite color in this fabric. It has a perfect sheen and finish, and the woven floral motifs look like embroidery pattern.

Team it up in a matching gold blouse and underskirt. A blouse in a modern cut, like the one Lara Dutta is wearing would be perfect to wear for a party.


Chantley with Off shoulder Blouse– An off shoulder blouse with a frill detail looks modern enough to carry the saree gracefully and differently.


Half Half concept– It can also be done in a traditional half half concept, where the body and the palla is in different fabrics. This is the best concept if a designer touch is needed for the saree. Pick up a shimmer fabric for the body and use the chantley for the palla and border of the saree. Shimmer goes very well with chantley as it matches the sheen of chantley fabric.


Contrast it Up– Since the fabric is sheer and transparent, it can be easily mix and matched with a contrast color underneath. Pick up the blouse and underskirt in contrast color, which will be visible through the layers of net.


Draped Chantley Saree– Draped sarees are very much in fashion nowadays and has become a fashion trend. Try experimenting with a simple drape first like below. Its a chantley lace saree embroidered and tucked at the shoulder, known as draped or tucked palla style.

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