Stylish Lace Chokers- A Must Have

Chokers are every girl’s favorite right now, and what is better than flaunting a very delicate and feminine choker in lace patterns.

They look beautiful and are very feminine, here are few styles…..

Simple ones– Well if you just like simple things, then a choker in a simple lace would be great, it looks very girlish.

The single pendent style– They are high on style and is also one of the most popular of all the choker styles.

A single pendent makes it more unique without creating much of a drama. The pendent can be a small delicate one, or  a little bold in size.

The drop style– Pearl drops and metallic coins can also be used to highlight the lace chokers. You can do the same at home with the plain chokers, all you need is some nice beads and pearl drops or coins whatever you like.

Lace choker with attached drop pieces– Well lace chokers can also be combined with single thin chains and other not so bold neck pieces. They look awesome together and are different from the normal single choker styles.

The Swarovski way– Patterned laces with full swarovski or zerkin embellishment are awesome for parties. They are high on glamour and the lace provides a perfect base for the embellishment to highlight.

French laces– The french laces are popular for their floral motifs and delicate laces. Taking an inspiration from them, the chokers with floral embellishment are great to treat your feminine side. You can do this at home with the plain lace chokers. You can do it with a single bold flower, or you can place small floral motifs all over. Just make sure to pick up nice pastel colors to match them up with the pastel or white backgrounds of the laces, as bold and dark shades don’t go very well with the delicate laces, or you can do it tone on tone also.

The Bold ones– Laces with bold patterns are great for parties, they can be simple ones, or embellished with chains, pearls and broaches.

The layered style– They are teemed with the most delicate laces, mostly done on tissue or very soft patterned lace. Layering with thin delicate chains makes it a great piece to have.

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