Nail Art Designs For Summers

Summers are the best time to try different beauty regimes and one of them is nail art. Also there are so many options which can be tried for nail art during summertime, like from choosing bright shades to trying in with fun motifs.

Here are few options which you will fall in love with this summer…..

Take inspiration from Floral art– Summers is all about bright and fruity colors, therefore go for bright shades like Fushia, Pink, Orange for the base color. Highlight them with different floral motifs in contrast shades.

Fruity Motifs– Summers are full of getting inspired by fruity colors and the fruits themselves.

So why not pick some nice motifs like lime and lemons, pineapple, watermelons etc. for the nail art to show that you are summer ready. It’s a fun idea and everyone will love it.

Polka dot with transparent nails– Transparent nails give a clean and smart look especially for summers, and make a great base for nail art designs. Use different colorful shades in matte effect to create designs like below. You can either get the entire nails done like this or just get the nail tips done in different shades with white polka dots.


Add a touch of gold– Use subtle hues like peach, pink and blues and combine them with a hint of gold. You can have just a single color and add gold to it, or mix and match two or three shades and then highlight it with gold.


Gradient effectLooks great for summer nails, it is created by adding two or more shades and then merging them together without creating any break in the design. This technique generally becomes the base of the design and other ideal motifs like flowers, dots etc. follow to match up.


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