Color Combinations For Black Lehngas

Black is one of the favorite colors of many of us, especially when it comes to selecting party wear.

Likewise, lehngas in Black color have their own charm and can be mixed and matched with a lot of other colors.

Also black makes you look slimmer and great. It looks sexy and stylish too. It’s a color which can never go wrong for any occasion.

Though according to Hindu mythology this particular color is prohibited for auspicious occasions like marriages and other ceremonies, but people are breaking the rules, and we can see them making the most of this by wearing it for several prominent occasions.


Black and Light pink– Taking an inspiration from the Alia Bhatt style, black can be combined with a lighter shade of pink for a contemporary look. Pink is an unusual color for black, but is looking great here.


Black White– Black and white can also be tried, though it is a very common color combination, but never fails to impress especially if you do not wish to add colors to your dressing and want to go for a monochromatic look. Dull Gold embroidery over this color combination enhances the look.


Black and red– The very obvious but a very strong color combination for black is red. It is highly contrast to Black and therefore stands out. It is also a very traditional color combo.


Black and orange– One unique combination with black is orange, a bright orange goes very well with black. This is also a traditional color combination. Nowadays neon colors are very much in fashion. So colors like fuscia, pinks, oranges and greens in neon shades can be tried instead of the plain shades.


Black and gold– Gold is an evergreen color which goes very well with black, and makes it look all glitter and sparkle against the dark shade of black. Choose this combination if you want to wear something glittery.

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