Rita Monero Revives Her Old Dress For 90th Academy Awards

Many of us think that it’s so uncool to wear the same dress to a party which you have already worn once. But standing on the verge of climate change where we are talking about recycling products and zero waste lifestyle, it seems a great idea to repeat things which you can like your clothing, accessories and the footwear.

Recently Rita Monero returned to 90th Academy awards wearing the same black and gold dress which she wore 56 years ago in 1962. The dress was designed by Filipino designer Pitoy Moreno who passed away on January 15. That year Moreno won the award for Best Supporting Actress for starring in ‘West Side Story’ and this time was at the same ceremony to present an award. And while most of the people were seen in fancy attires at the event, this 56 year old dress stole the limelight. The highlight of the dress is the Obi fabric tht the skirt is made of and is a single piece fabric and has no hem.

Talking about her dress she said “You think it would tarnish! It’s been hanging in my closet“. A slight change in the neckline from boat to strapless made a stunning transformation. Meanwhile many of us who can’t even fit in last year’s pyjama’s, here she is wearing a dress which she wore 56 years before.

Vanity Fair first broke the news in their report after catching the star at the Oscars rehearsal where her daughter, Fernanda Luisa Fisher, revealed that her mom would be sporting the very same dress.

Rita Monero aged 86 is a Puerto Rican actress, dancer and singer and is one of the twelve artist to have won all four major annual American entertainment awards, an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony. Rita Moreno went to the 90th Academy Awards wearing the same dress she wore in 1962.

Image Reference: Pinterest

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