6 Ways To Wear Your Dress To Office

Wearing dresses to office is a stylish way to dress up. But being a single piece style, one gets bored easily with it, as there are no choices to team it up with, except shoes and other accessories. Here are few tips how you can pep up your regular dresses with small things and layering.

Calf length Empire Line Dress– A boat neck dress with long sleeves and calf length is idle for ladies who are short heighted. This silhouette will add illusion of height. Also dark colors will make you look slim. But do not wear it too tight at the waist if you have a belly, you can go a little looser on the waist in that case.

Dress and Belt– Combine a quirky waist belt to match up your dress. You can choose belt according to your choice. But remember not to wear a broad belt if you are fat, it will make your waistline look more broader.


Shirt and Dress– A great combination for corporate dressing. Team up your collared shirt with a sheath dress, take out the collars through neckline and roll up the sleeves of both the garments, for a contrast look. If you do not want to fold the sleeves, need not worry, just keep them as is. Just take care that your shirt sleeves are longer than the dress, for them to show up.


Jacket and Cardigan Dress– Team up dresses with cardigan or jackets for a corporate look. You can team up the look with a belt at the waist. The belt can be worn above the outer layer or just with the inner layer which is dress.


Dress and Scarf– Combining a colorful printed scarf over a plain dress, peps it up and makes it stand out.


Jacket, Shirt and Dress– Layering up your garments with tricky and stylish ideas gives you a new look, and that too with the same pieces which you wear daily. Here a dress is combined with a regular classic shirt inside, and a contrast jacket from outside.


Dress and Skirt– You thought you cannot wear your favorite short dress to office because of the short length. The good thing is that you can definitely use it for office too. Just team it up with a skirt and you are ready.

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