6 Diwali Rangoli Design Ideas Which You Can Create With Flower Petals

Flower petals can be used in so many ways for home decor. And one of the best way to use it is to create interesting rangoli designs from them. So this Diwali when you think of what to create your rangoli designs from, do remember that you don’t always need colors to create one, you have got a more natural stuff to use out there. Here are a few designs….

Geometric shape– You can mix and match different geometric shapes to create an interesting pattern. Geometric shapes are easy to draw and are easy to fill too. So it’s a great design option for beginners.

Take help of a plate– You can also place a decorative plate at the center and use flower petals to create borders around this plate. When it comes to creating a perfect circle for the Rangoli designs, chances are that you might miss on creating a good one. Using a round plate at the center helps you in creating a perfect circle for rangoli.

Border design– A zig-zag pattern is something fast and simple to create and is great to make borders. Use marigold flower petals in two shades like orange and yellow along with rose flower petals.

Rangoli for pooja– You can take help of orange, white and pink flower petals to create this border design. Place diya or LED tea lights at the center to make it look more interesting.

Table top decor– Though this Rangoli is done on floor but you can make something like this on a table top. Your serving tray can be used in the middle and use flower petals in different colors to create a simple border. In this tray you can keep different eatables to serve your guests . Or just use it for decorative purpose by placing a few lights and lamps.

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