5 Kids Friendly Desserts For Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you must be gearing yourself for the day. But what about the tiny tots at home, have you thought about making this day special for them. Well we have a few recipes which your kids will love having, infact you can even invite their friends for a get together on this special day.

Strawberry chocolate stick– Strawberry sticks dipped in chocolate is a irresistible snack for kids. Simply cut a strawberry in half lengthwise, and chop it a bit from the top to make it look like a heart. Now dip this upper portion in chocolate, strawberry choco bites are ready.

Fruit skewers– A fruit skewer is an another great idea for the kids. Use fruits like pineapple, strawberry, berry or grapes and arrange them in a skewer. Now pour custard or flavored yogurt in a glass and place the skewer in it.

Pancake skewer– Prepare small size pancakes and cut banana and strawberry in slices. Spread chocolate spread on the pancake and tuck it in the skewer. Arrange banana slices and strawberry as per your choice. You can also add a bit of mixed fruit or berry jam in this recipe.

Jelly shots– Strawberry jelly shots are super easy to make and needless to say that kids enjoy having them. In a glass pour prepared jelly and freeze. Once done, top it up with whipped cream and fresh cut fruits.

Chocolate bites– You can take any chocolate for this recipe, or can even mix white and dark chocolate for a flavorful bite. In a mould add sprinkles and gems and pour melted chocolate above. Let the chocolate cool down completely before taking them out of the mould.

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