Sandwich Recipes For Valentine’s Day

Sandwich is something which no one can resist. Its easy to make and taste’s delicious. So if you are thinking of making something special tomorrow, then here are a few sandwich recipes for Valentine’s Day.

Bread jam sandwich– You can use any kind of bread to make this sandwich, like brown, white multigrain etc. You can even mix white and brown bread to make it visually appealing to the kids. Simply cut two bread slices in heart shape, and make a smaller heart shape cutout in one of the bread. Spread some berry or mixed fruit jam on the bread slices and place them together to make a sandwich. You can also add a few sprinkles on the top.

Strawberry cream cheese sandwich– Use a mixed fruit or a strawberry jam on one slice of bread. Now place thin strawberry slices on the top of it and top this up with a layer of cream cheese. Close it with another layer of bread.

Vegetable and mayonnaise sandwich– You can basically use any vegetable which you like, for example cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot, capsicum. You can either chop the veggies or grate a few, like cucumber and carrots can be grated and used long with finely chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Put all the veggies in a bowl and add a spoon of mayonnaise, salt and pepper and some grated cheese. Spread this mix on the bread along with a cheese slice and enjoy.

Grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich– Saute mushroom with some butter, garlic and onions along with some salt and pepper. Now take a bread and place a cheese slice on it. Spread the mushroom mix and grate some cheese on the top. Grill and enjoy hot.

Honey and cream sandwich– You can also prepare a sweet toasted sandwich using honey and fresh cream. Do serve it with a scoop of cream cheese or flavored yogurt and add a good dose of fresh fruits along with these things.

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