7 Things Which You Should Never Store In Fridge

Not everything is designed to go inside the fridge inorder to make them last longer. Few things loose their taste and texture when kept in fridge. And this is a list of few such things….

PotatoesPotatoes should ideally be stored in a dry place, away from the sunlight and after wrapping in a brown paper bag with holes. Storing potatoes in the fridge turns the starch into sugar which is not good for health and also discolors once cooked. Also they should never be washed before storing or they get spoiled faster.

BreadBread traps in moisture and becomes stale faster when kept in fridge. So store it safely at a dry place with less moisture. You can also take help of a bread box to store the bread slices.

Onions– Keep onions in dry, ventilated area and never store onions with potatoes. Onion absorb the moisture from potatoes and tend to stale faster when put together. Also keep them away from sunlight or they will sprout easily. One more thing which you should never do with onions is that you should not store cut onions in any case. Just throw them if you are not using them right away. Cut onions are really really bad for health and if you believe, they also absorb negativity from your home. So consuming such a piece can make you really really sick.

Garlic– Store garlic in a cool, dry and ventilated container and keep it away from sunlight.

Tomatoes– They should never be kept in fridge as doing so alters its taste and texture.

Honey– Honey is full of antioxidants which keeps it going a long way, and doesn’t need refrigeration as it crystallizes when kept in fridge.

Eggs– They are never stored in fridge in grocery stores for a simple reason that they don’t need refrigeration. Same goes for the case when you bring them home.

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