3 ways to store butter

Storing butter in a right way is really important in order to maintain its shelf life and taste. If you simply keep the butter stick in open in fridge or even in room temperature, chances are that you might end up spoiling its actual taste. Here are a few ways to store butter in a right way…

Store butter in a closed container– Though you can preserve butter in the same packing in which the butter comes but you have to make sure that you close the wrap nicely, as butter tends to absorb the smell and fragrances of the food kept with it. The best way is to keep the butter in a butter container with lid to prevent its taste from spoiling.

Cut it in small pieces– To make your life easier you can also cut the butter loaf in small cube pieces. This will be really helpful when you want a small quantity to saute veggies, or to just spread some on a piece of bread. This way you will also save the butter from getting contaminated while using it with spoons and knives.

Butter herbs– Make your own spiced or herb butter with the help of a ice tray. Simply place herbs of your choice in an ice tray like a few rosemary, mint, lemongrass, mixed herbs like oregano etc. and pour melted butter over them. Store them in fridge and enjoy preparing flavorsome dishes with them.

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