Benefits Of Burning Kapur or Camphor At Home

We all have seen our moms, dadi, naani using camphor or kapur during the morning and evening pooja rituals. But do you know why burning kapur at home is considered a good sign. And when we say so, we are talking about pure kapur and not the synthetic one chemically made by turpentine oil. Well these are a few benefits of burning kapur at home…

-Burning camphor drives away negative energies present at home and invites good energy. By doing this it purifies the home. Burn camphor in pure ghee and let this smoke pass to every corner of your home. Do this three times a day.

-It’s anti bacterial and anti fungal and therefore kills all the germs present in the air. Kapur smoke is also helpful in killing dengue mosquitoes.

-While doing prayer burn kapur and chant Hanuman Chasila to get rid of all sorts of accidents.

-It is also said that burning camphor attracts peace, prosperity and good wealth. To do so burn Kapur during sunset to please almighty.

-Do burn kapur at home during change in the season, especially when virus, flu and germs are at peak. It will help keeping germs at bay.

Other benefits Of Kapur

-It keeps winter clothing safe from moth. Simply spread some neem leaves and a few camphor balls tied in a cloth in between your winter clothing, and they will remain safe untill you use them next.

-Hair lice is such a big problem that you end up spending so much on chemical products. Well not now. Simply mix a small piece of camphor along with coconut oil and massage on the roots and hair with this oil. But keep it only for like 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

-The fragrance of the camphor is quite soothing and calming. Therefore it is also used to relieve stress and is helpful in getting a sound sleep.

-Have severe cold, well you do not need vicks now. Simply boil water and drop a piece of camphor in it. Now inhale this steam by covering your head with a towel. You will feel better.

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