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7 Benefits Of Burning Bay Leaves For Good Health And For Clearing Out Negative Energies

Bay leaf is a medicinal herb which is mainly used in Indian kitchen as a garden herb and is also an essential part of Indian cuisine. But do you know that there are several other health benefits of this leaf which can be best put to use by burning them. Bay leaves contain several vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body, and when you burn them there fumes can be inhaled for several health benefits.

Reduces Inflation– Chemical eugenol present in the bay leaves acts as a anti inflammatory drug and helps reducing inflation in the body.

Relives anxiety– Linalool present in bay leaves when inhaled, calms the body and mind. The best part is that it works within 10 minutes of inhaling the fumes of the leaves.

Fight Fatigue– If you always feel tired and irritated then try burning a couple of bay leaves and inhale the fumes coming from it. It not only calms down your mind and body but also helps in accelerating alertness.

Use it as an essential oil– If you like using essential oil lamps for meditation, or you want to make your space smell great then you can try burning a bay leaf instead. The natural oils present in the bay leaves will leave a calming effect on the ambiance and people inside the room. You can also replace dhoop and agarbatti with bay leaves for your prayer rituals in pooja.

Clean respiratory system– Bay leaves contain antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help fight respiratory issues by opening your respiratory system in the process, and also help in removing mucus and phelgum. The smoke purifies the air around you and therefore you should burn bay leaves regularly especially during the change in season.

Fight Insomnia– Insomnia and people with sleeping disorders should definitely try burning bay leaves before bedtime. It will calm you and help in getting a quality sleep.

Clear out negativity– Some believe that writing your fears and negative thoughts on bay leaves, and burning them with a candle takes the negative energies away by completely destroying them. Some also believe that you can ask questions to the bay leaves by writing them on the leaf and then burning them. If it crackles and burns brilliantly then its a yes, but if it just fumes out with a smoke then its a no. Though we don’t know about this perception, but you can check out for your own.

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