No Soda Summer Coolers Which Will Keep You Cool And Hydrated

Summers and heat wave has already taken a toll on us and all we wish is to feel energetic and refresh all day long. During this time it’s also important to keep oneself hydrated all time, but using aerated drinks and packed juice is no good option. Instead use natural fruits to prepare your own summer coolers which will hydrate the body along with providing nourishment. Here are some recipes….

Cucumber Mint cooler– In a blender take cucumber, few mint leaves and some ice cubes and blend everything nicely. Strain this mix in a bowl. Now add sugar, black salt and lemon juice, some water and mix nicely. This tangy, sweet, salty and sour drink is exceptionaly refreshing and cooling in summers.

Mango Pineapple Cooler– To make this drink cut mango and pineapple into pieces and blend them nicely along with some ice cubes. Again strain this mix in a bowl and you can store this mix in fridge for 2-3 days. To prepare the drink use 2-3 spoons of this mixture depending upon the size of the glass. Add sugar, a pinch of salt (just a pinch), and some orange juice. Mix nicely and don’t forget to add lots of ice cubes.

You can also prepare this drink with coconut milk for a rich taste. Just skip orange juice and add coconut milk instead.

Jamun cooler- We all know how good is jamun for all. And since its a diabetic friendly fruit so people with diabetics can easily relish this drink minus the added sugar. Separate the jamun fruit and its seeds and use the fruit to prepare a juice in the blender along with water and ice cubes. You can strain this juice if you want to get rid of the peel remains but this is optional. Now add rock salt, lemon juice, coarse roasted jeera powder, sugar to taste and mix nicely. Jamun cooler is ready.

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