Fake V/S Real Makeup Products

Market and online websites are full of cheap and fake products. The lucrative discounts on online websites make us desperate to buy them as they are quite cheaper than the original store bought stuff, though many a times we end up paying the same amount which is that of the original product. We do not even realize that we are buying a fake product as the packaging and the product itself looks very close to the actual one. But the amount of harm these products do to our health, skin, hair and body is too much for the small amount which we save by buying the fake ones.

First of all these products are full of harmful chemicals and they don’t adhere to the guidelines of the original product quality. These chemicals can ruin your beauty and using them for long can give some serious health and skin related issues. So watch out and beware of such lucrative offers and instead of buying them online or from a nearby shop make sure that you buy it from a company store.

This video will give you a clear insight of how to figure out the difference between a fake and the original products of a few famous brands like Maybelline colosal kajal, Lakme eyeconic kajal, L’Oreal kajal and Lakme 9 to 5 creaseless lipstick. There are many guidelines which you can lookout before buying a product like paying attention to the font style and size, packaging style and few design details which are a part of the original product only. Watch it carefully so that you are not fooled by these lucrative offers which make you buy these fake products.

Image by LychikSolnca from Pixabay (Free For Commercial Use) Image Source

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