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Essential Tips for Sweat-Proof Makeup Look This Summer

Summer calls for fun in the sun, but the scorching heat becomes the party pooper. Sweating and humidity melt down the makeup and you end up rushing for touch-ups. The smudging eyeliners and melting makeup are the least you want on any day. Despite using all the waterproof makeup, the cruel heat makes your water-resistant eyebrow pencil slip off, making you lose your look.

The secret lies in applying waterproof products with some techniques that make your makeup put long and melt down with sweating. Take a quick look at some tips to make your makeup stay for long hours:

1. Start with the base

    The base of anything decides its progress. Before starting your makeup, clean the canvas and make it oil-free. Use a cleanser to remove all the impurities and excess oil, and follow up with a toner. A toner helps maintain the pH level of your skin and tighten the pores. It also hydrates the skin without making it oily, creating a smooth, oil-free base for your makeup.

    2. Moisturise and prime

    Once toned, use an oil-free lightweight moisturiser to nourish your skin. A lightweight formulation won’t add to making your skin oily and moisturise it rightly. Follow it by a sweat-proof and oil-free primer that would set the right base, without making the skin look greasy.

    3. Waterproof foundation

    Summer is when you want your skin to breathe more, so keep your makeup light. Heavy foundations can make it hard for your skin to breathe and melt down the makeup. Beat the heat with a lightweight, waterproof foundation with SPF. This will provide just the right coverage without clogging the pores, allowing your skin to breathe and sweat less.

    4. Use a setting powder

    Finish up the base with a mattifying setting powder. While applying the setting powder, focus on the T-zone. This is the area that gets oily easily. The setting powder will absorb the extra oil and keep the base in place without giving it a greasy or oily look.

    5. Waterproof eye makeup

    Waterproof eye makeup products are essential when it comes to eye makeup. Use waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara to prevent smudging of makeup. Even if your look only includes kajal, use a waterproof kajal to make it last long and avoid racoon eyes. 

    6. Long-lasting lip shades

    Go for lipsticks with long-lasting formulas. Matte lipsticks usually last longer than other types of lipstick. Along with long-lasting formulations, go for the ones with smudge-proof and transfer-proof formulas. Before you apply the lip shade, make sure your lips are well-moisturised so that they support smooth application in one go and you do not struggle with cracked and chapped lips.

    7. Lock with setting spray

    A setting spray saves you lots of time rushing to washrooms for touch-ups. Look for a setting spray that is light in weight and has hydrating properties. This will keep your makeup intact for long hours and keep your skin cool and calm. Apply your setting spray to cover your whole face by using X formation first, followed by the T-formation. This will cover your whole face, keeping your makeup and staying put for long hours.

    8. Minimal makeup

    In summer, less is more. It is the time you want your skin to breathe more and suffocate it with heavy makeup. Minimal makeup or no-makeup makeup look are the best for this season. These looks are comfortable to wear all day long and provide quick touch-ups. Keep it simple with a light CC cream, a swipe of nude lipstick, waterproof mascara or waterproof kajal, and a hint of blush. There you go with easy-to-wear makeup for all day and a reduced chance of makeup meltdown.

    9. Blotting paper

    Keep blotting papers handy for instant help. They can absorb excess oil without smudging or ruining makeup. Simply press the blotting paper on the oily areas of your face. This will absorb the extra oil and give you a mattifying look instantly.

    10. Store your products in a cool place

    Store your mists and other makeup products in a cool place. This will protect your makeup from spoiling in the summer heat. It will also give you a refreshing feeling when reapplied, like adding a layer of setting spray after you have done the touch-ups.

    Achieving sweat-proof makeup in summer is all about using the right products with the right technique. The techniques and products go hand in hand to make the best use of the products. Choose the waterproof best mascara, waterproof eyebrow pencil, waterproof eyeliner, and other makeup products with the gentleness of natural ingredients with Lotus Makeup. The wide range of waterproof and long-lasting products are also cruelty-free and toxin-free. Give the goodness of nature to your skin with herbal makeup products to nourish your skin while you show your best features.

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