4 Ways To Color Your Hair Naturally

Dyes and colors full of chemicals not only strip off the natural moisture of the hair but is also known to increase health hazards in a long run.

So why not opt for natural things which are easily available to us by the mother nature.

Here are few things which can be used to color your hair in an all natural way.

Coffee– One of the easiest way to naturally color hair is to use coffee. You can mix a strong coffee powder with a base like leave on conditioner or with a regular hair spa cream.

Let it sit for couple of hours so that the base takes the color nicely. You can also mix a strong cup of black coffee to make the cream a little lighter in case if has turned a little thick. The mix is ready to be used.

Heena– It is already widely used to cover up the grey areas but in general it can be used to give a reddish brown tone to the hair. It is very good for hair health and is also a natural conditioner. For add on benefits you can mix curd or eggs for nourishment.

Beetroot– If red is what you love for your hair then using a beetroot will be idle for you. Mix the juice of beetroot with a leave on conditioner or you can also mix it with regular coconut oil and apply to your hair, remember not to do so on the roots or otherwise the scalp will also take the color. Leave on for 2-3 hours and wash off. Beetroot gives a deep red color if you want a lighter shade then you can mix carrot juice to it.

Walnut shells– A dark brown color can be achieved by boiling the crushed pieces of walnut shells in water. Boil them for atleast 30 minutes, strain and cool. You can now use this water to rinse your hair.

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