How to store perfumes to make them last longer

How To Store Perfumes To Make Them Run Longer

Perfumes when stored properly can retain its original fragrance for years. For this a proper care should be taken, otherwise they loose their original fragrance over a period of time. Here are a few ways how you can store perfumes to make them last longer…

Keep them in a darker place– So the first thing to keep in mind is to store the perfume bottles in a dark and relatively cold places and to keep it away from the direct light, by this we do not mean to store them in fridge but just a cool place which is not so hot. For instance keep them in your drawers or closet. If you are the one who loves displaying the perfume collection on the dressing table or drawers, then try purchasing the opaque and dark colored bottles as they do not spoil the perfume easily.

Stay away from the heat– This is a very important step as keeping them away from the heat and warmer spaces helps them to remain effective for a longer period. Heat and light breaks down their chemical bonds that give perfumes the fragrance you love and therefore exposing them to heat and humidity will make them degrade sooner.

Don’t keep them in bathing rooms– So when we say that they should be kept away from the heat then it makes it obvious to not store the perfume bottles in the bathing room. The heat vapors and the humidity generated while you take a shower under a hot water will break down the perfume and degrade its quality in a long run.

Don’t shake the bottles– Ok so this is a common mistake which we unconsciously do many a times. But shaking a perfume bottle is not at all a good idea, until the manufactures informs to do so. Infact shaking the bottle incorporates air throughout thereby accelerating its breakdown, so incase if you do it then stop doing it immediately.

Don’t take off the lid for long– Whenever you apply a perfume make sure that you put the lid on immediately after the application. Keeping it open for long can effect its original fragrance.

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