Keep Your Perfume Last longer

Most of us are addicted to different fragrances and perfumes and cannot live without them. In fact I have seen people who empty half a bottle while doing so.

But it’s not the quantity but the quality of the perfume which matters the most. Going over the board with it might just make you smell like a perfume shop.

Therefore it’s important that you put in the right quantity, but also make it last long.

Here are few tricks which will make you smell great by helping the perfume fragrance last longer. Try it yourself….

– Spray fragrance to the body parts which give off heat like behind the ears, base of throat, nape of neck, wrist, inside elbow, behind knee. This will help in emitting the fragrance along with the body heat through these pulse points. The heat produced will charge the fragrance helping you to smell good for a longer period.

– Rub Vaseline on your pulse points to help perfume stay longer. Vaseline will cling to the skin and make the perfume stay for a longer period.

– Few people have a habit of rubbing the body parts after applying perfume, but that’s not a great idea. Do not rub the fragrance after spraying it, otherwise it will break the fragrant molecules and wont stay for longer.

– One great idea is to apply a fragrance free moisturizer all over the body right after bathing. Immediately apply the fragrance to the pulse points, the heat produced while applying the moisturizer will charge the fragrant molecules.

– You can also spray little perfume on your hair brush and then lightly brush your hair for an all day long fragrant hair. Additionally try spraying a little on your handbag and wallet for long lasting fragrance.

– Also do not store perfume bottles in warm and damp places like bathing rooms. Heat, light and humidity are not good for the life and quality of the perfume.

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