Keep The Home Smelling Good Naturally

Who doesn’t likes to have a home smelling good all day, but doing it naturally is the best thing.

Here are few tricks…

Stovetop Potpourri– Prepare a stove top natural potpourri at home, and while it’s being prepared, it will emit all the natural fragrances from the natural ingredients put together to keep your home smelling like heaven.

For a lemony fragrance, cut a lemon into slices, add some fresh rosemary and a tsp of vanilla extract. Fill a pan with water and add all the ingredients, shimmer on a low flame and enjoy the fragrance. We will discuss about other recipes for making a natural potpourri at home in our coming article.

Fragrant Plants– If you have grown fragrant plants like lavender, lemons, jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenias,  etc. in your garden then you can keep them indoors often for a clean and fresh air.

Scented Bulbs– Dab some vanilla extract or any other extract for that matter to the bulbs and tube lights of the rooms when they are switched off. Let it dry. They will emit a fresh fragrance on lighting them up which will make your room smelling fresh.

Essential oil spray– Mix water and few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle and spray it all around the home for instant fragrance. This is a great trick when you don’t have time and the guests are arriving without a prior notice. I like using citrus smells like lemon grass, orange as they don’t fade away easily and also gives a very nice refreshing fruity smell.

Natural Lilac spray– Mix half water and half vodka in a spray bottle, and add few drops of wild lilac oil to this mixture. This smells like heaven. You can try this with citrus fragrances by using natural citrus peels like orange, lime and lemons, just add few chopped peels of the citrus fruits and mix with the water and vodka mixture. Let the mixture sit for few days before using, so that it extracts all the juices and fragrance from the peels.


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