Interesting And Life Saving Hacks With Coca Cola

Coca Cola is not something which can be enjoyed in a long run because of its side effects which it has on our body and the chemicals present in it.

But it is definitely a great cleaner and here are few life saving hacks which you can do with it….

It’s a great toilet cleaner, and i have tried it myself. Pour a can of coca cola in the pot and wait for an hour or so. Rub and flush afterwards. Have you ever seen your toilet so clean before. The reason is the baking soda and acidity present in the liquid acts as a tough stain removal for everything.

Since it has phosphoric acid which helps in corrosion process, it also fights rust, so if you have any object which has caught rust, just dip the object into a jar of coke. Let it sit for sometime and then clean with utensil cleaner and water. It will be all new now.

After long use some of the utensils start forming a black layer on them. Pour coke on such utensils and let it sit for some time. Scrub off and the utensils will be all new. This can be done on the burnt utensils too. It also helps in removing tarnish from copper utensils.

The life saver trick is the one with chewing gum. If accidentally chewing gum sticks to your hair, then its almost impossible to get rid of it. Pour some coke on it and keep for few minutes, it will become easier for you to remove the gum after  that. Do the same if chewing gum sticks to the clothes.

It makes the cake batter more delicious and moist. Try it out next time you are in a mood to bake.

It’s great to create antique paper and antique photographs. Place the paper or the photograph in a bowl filled with Coca Cola and let it sit for 2-3 seconds. Remove immediately to prevent it from melting. Let the thing dry out completely. You will see that the strong chemicals present in the liquid has turned your stuff into a vintage looking stuff.

Its an excellent window cleaner too as it is high in citric acid. Rub a cloth soaked in coke and clean the windows. Afterwards clean it with clean water as it will become a little sticky because of the sugar content in it.

Spray them on ants and cockroaches and you can get rid of them.

If you accidentally run the marker over your clothes or linens, then just dip the area in coke for few minutes, wash with soap afterwards.

It also removes oil stains from the tiles, floor and other surfaces. If you want to get rid of the oil deposit from the kitchen rack, then use this idea. Run over the can of coke over the deposit and let it sit for an hour. Wash off afterwards.

Here is a video for the same…..

Video Reference: Youtube

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