Beach Inspired Nail Art Designs

If you have been missing sun, sand, and the ocean lately, then why not bring a bit of the same feel to your nails with some beach inspired nail art designs. Here are a few inspirational designs….

Gradient– You can create a beautiful gradient look with the help of a sponge. This nail art will remind you of the clear blue water hitting the sandy beach.

Marbling– You can create pretty water swirls with the help of marbling technique. Use white nail paint with two or three different shades of blue to create this effect.

Transparent nails-You can also use transparent base for your nails and color them over the tips. Use nail stickers like that of a star fish or shells to highlight the tips.

Use tropical motifs– Motifs like palm trees will definitely remind you of the beachside.

Use bright colors– Well using neon colors will give you a perfect feel of the sand and the water.

Image reference- Pinterest

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