Beat The Heat With These Milkmade Ice Cream Recipes

As a child we all have enjoyed having Milkmaid in some or the other form. Milkmaid sweets, kheer etc were a part of growing up, but do you know that it is also great for making ice creams.

If you want your homemade ice creams to be creamy and sweet just as good as the market ones, then try these lip smacking recipes.

Being a homemade version, it is preservative free and your kids will love having something which they saw being made in front of them….

Chico Milkmaid ice-cream– De-seed and puree 250gm chicoo in a blender. In a bowl combine 1/2 tin of milk-made with 200ml milk and 250gm of fresh cream, mix all the ingredients well and freeze for 2 hours.

You can also use a blender to mix all the ingredients to make it fluffy. Now add chicoo pulp, mix well and freeze for 4 more hours.

Tropical Mango Ice cream– In a bowl whisk 1 cup fresh cream and keep the bowl chilled by placing a container full of ice and ice cold water under the bowl in which you will whisk the cream. Meanwhile soak 1 tbsp gelatin in 4tbsp water and keep it aside for 5 minutes, then dissolve gelatin by heating over a pan of water. Now mix in 200gm milkmaid with 2 beaten egg yolks, coconut milk, mango essence and few drops of food color and the previously beaten fresh cream. Mix everything well and freeze in aluminium tray untill almost firm. Remove from freezer and beat well while adding cherries and mango pieces. Freeze again.

Vanilla Ice cream– Whip 500ml of fresh cream in a bowl until it becomes thick and fluffy. To this add 3/4th tin milkmaid and vanilla essence and mix well. Pour this mix into an ice cream mould and freeze till it sets. You can enjoy this flavor with a hot chocolate sauce.

Strawberry ice cream– Puree 200gm fresh strawberries and keep aside. In a bowl whisk 400gm milkmaid and 300gm fresh cream until thick and fluffy. To this add strawberry pulp and fold gently. Pour in a container and keep in the freezer to set.


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