Benefits Of Eating On A Banana Leaf

It’s been in our culture to eat healthy and in a scientific way, whether its the spices which are used for preparing food or the way of eating it, everything is unique. Therefore our ancestors preferred eating sitting on the ground and the food was served in the banana leaves because of its medicinal properties.

In South India, people still eat their food on Banana leaf, especially for large gathering like marriages and other occasions to minimize the waste produced afterwards. In this way it also becomes Eco friendly.

They are rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant which is very helpful for human body. It is the kind of antioxidant available in Green teas as well, which helps in prevention of diseases. When hot food is served in these leaves, they emit these properties and it gets mixed with our food making the food better than before. They are also high in citric acid, carotene, calcium and vitamin A.

Here are few benefits of having food in banana leaves….

– It cleanses the blood and provides a better immune system.

– It helps in better digestion making the digestive system more stronger.

– It gives a distinct flavor to the food served, as the wax from the leaf melts and get absorbed in the food when it comes in contact with hot food.

– It is hygienic, unlike our normal utensils which are cleaned every time but still have some residue of soap and bacteria left in it. The banana leaf just needs pre cleansing with water and is disposed off afterwards.

– It is also environment friendly, as it doesn’t needs to be cleaned with detergents which are actually harmful for our health and for the environment too. Imagine all those litres of water which we waste cleaning the plates every time, all of that can be saved for future.

– Even if we use the normal plastic plates which are use and throw ones, they create so much waste for the environment which is never going to degrade. Banana leaves are bio degradable and on the top of it, the used leaves become food for the cows and cattle’s afterwards.


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