5 Pooja Thali Décor Ideas Using Simple Flowers And Leaves

Navratri is here and needless to say that there is joy and divinity in the air all around. You must have planned on so many things for these nine days, but if you have missed on how to decorate your pooja thali for this very very special festival then we have a few ideas for you. Have a look…..

Use big flowers– Big flowers are easy to use and are best to fill big spaces. You can also make borders with them for your creations. Fill a plate with rose or marigold flower petals and use big flowers to finish the décor. Use diya or candles on the borders for best effect.

Paan or Betel leaf– Well if you don’t have tulips then go for rose flowers with their stem on. Create a bed of pan leaf at the base and then put the flowers around the corners. Finish the thali décor with another layer of leaves and place a god or goddess idol at the center with the diya. Betel leaf are considered auspicious and are therefore used for pooja purposes.

Petal work– Petals of different flowers can also be used to decorate pooja thali. This is the most simple way of decorating the thali which can be done quickly with the use of available flowers.

Mogra flowers– Rose and mogra flowers make up for a beautiful flower combo. Use them to decorate your thali like this.

Paont the thali- You can also paint the thali

Use simple leaves– If you really want to make a quick thing and don’t have much flowers available then just use leaves of any available plant and decorate your thali like this. Keep a diya at the center and use flowers all around it.

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