5 Ways To Decorate A Pooja Thali With Fresh Flowers On Special Occasions

Special occasions call for special decor, isn’t it. Same goes for occasions when you have to sit for pooja or when special rituals are performed. And though you can decorate rooms and spaces, but decorating a pooja thali is also important and calls for special attention. Here are a few ways to decorate pooja thali.

Mogra flowers– Using mogra flowers is considered auspicious and looked upon. The diya stand can be put in a tray fully decorated with mogra flowers, along with mogra flower hangings all over the corners. You can also use flowers matching with the shade of your attire for a customized look.

Roses– For a rich look you can also use shades of roses to create an effect like this. Instead of using a diya, you can also use Lord Ganesha’s statue at the center of the plate.

Contemporary arrangement– An arrangement of flowers done in a contemporary way looks truly gorgeous. Strands of tulips or orchids will make the thali setting look more striking.

Decorate diya– If you have a thali which is pre decorated, or if you are skipping the thali and keeping just the diya then too its possible to add a personal touch to the stuff. Use strand of mogra flower to highlight the diya, and an addition of a lotus flower will make the decor look more surreal.

Use leaves– And if you are sort of flowers then let the leaves take the incharge of the decor. Using them in in a layered style like this will make the entire thali decor look gorgeous.

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