5 Ways To Revamp Your Old Pooja Space or Mandir

Every Indian Hindu home does have a special place which is dedicated to offer the daily prayers to the God. We all call this special place pooja, now some have larger spaces and some have small. But whatever the size is you can still give your pooja space a makeover with these tricks….

Install focus lights– Whether you have a small pooja space or its a big dedicated one, focus lights can be installed anywhere. You can even use it inside a small wooden mandir which most of the homes have. They lit up the space like never before and you can choose to keep the idols or the pictures of the god and the goddess under them. There are many focus lights and the styles available, so choose the one which fits up your space and solves the purpose.

Brass metal– Use a lot of brass metal stuff in your pooja to give it an authentic Indian feel. Brass utensils like pots and plates can be used to float water and flowers. You can also use hanging brass diya’s to make the space look more beautiful. Complete the look by adding diya stands in brass too.

Creative doors– If you have a special room or a cabinet which you are using for pooja then a good way to bring in a new life to this space would be to install a creative door. There are many styles in which you can get these made like a wooden door with the hanging bells or a one with a laser cutout and many more.

Corian Backlit Background– Corian backlit backgrounds look really impressive. They give a very peaceful ambience to the whole concept. You can choose ones with a special ‘Mantra’, or something with certain symbols and images of the gods.

Toran– You can also use different toran designs to beautify your mandir. You don’t have to use the real flowers everyday, so a well made artificial one will also serve the purpose. And off course you can use the real flowers for the pooja as your daily offerings.

Image reference- Pinterest

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