Homemade Citrus Peel Candle

What do you do with the peel of the fruits when you are done having them.

Well either we throw them or use them for beauty purposes. But do you know that you can easily turn them into candles which are super easy to create.

Also the natural oil and juices of the fruit releases its fragrance when heated, and spreads all over the place.

Here are few ideas which you would want to try instantly after seeing them….

Orange peel– Cut an orange into half and scoop out the inside part leaving some part at the center which will be used as a wick for litting purpose. Now all you need to do is to fill this orange cup with an oil like an oilve oil or a vegetable oil.

Lemon– Similarly the peels of lemon can be used if you like a strong fragrance. The fragrance of lemon can really uplift your mood and make the ambiance more relaxing. You can also add candle wax to the cups if you do not wish to add oil to them. Your home would not have smelled so fresh before as it purifies the air.

Oil jar– To make it more simpler, you can add oil to a glass jar and drop the peels of used citrus fruits like lime, lemon or an orange to it. Before using let them sit for few days or minimum 24 hours. The juices from the peels will get infused in the oil and give you a nice fruity fragrance when used.

Lime peel-It can be used in the same way as an orange and lemon peels are used. You can also use it for decoration purpose by turning it into a candle holder.

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