Honk More, Wait More: Mumbai Police Campaign To Stop Unnecessary Honking On The Roads

Mumbai is not only home to one of the country’s worst traffic jams, but is also worst hit by severe noise pollution. In fact Mumbai was termed as the Noisiest City in India in 2016. But a campaign started by Mumbai Traffic Police, named ‘The Punishing Signal’ is gaining a lot of appreciation which would help in fighting the noise pollution caused due to excessive honking on the roads.

To do so, microphones with a decibel meter were installed at the traffic signals that showed the noise the traffic was making, in real-time. So if the people in queue made more noise by honking ( levels more than 85dB) then the decibel meter would show them that, and the waiting time would be extended by more 90 minutes. Eventually everybody would understand that if they want to move faster then they would need to stop honking. And though the campaign is limited only to few select heavy traffic zones, but who knows that it might take over other places too for good reasons. The decibel meters have been installed and activated at major signals at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus, Marine Drive, Pedder Road, Hindmata Cinema Dadar, and Bandra.

‘Honk More, Wait More’ idea is truly commendable and needs to be implemented in other cities as well.

As a part of civilized society we need to understand that honking doesn’t help you move faster but all it creates is a lot of noise pollution which is not good for mental health. Moreover it makes the wait more painful. So stop honking to move faster….

Big Salute To Mumbai Police…..

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