8 Best Glass Food Storage Containers to Keep Lunches and Leftovers Fresh

8 Best Glass Food Storage Containers to Keep Lunches and Leftovers Fresh

Proper food storage is one of the important ways to save you and your family from severe health complications. The storage containers you use play a crucial role in your health. The usage of plastic food containers has increased drastically. But it can lead to food poisoning and even cancer in the long term. However, experts advise that alternatives like glass food containers can keep both your food and health safe from dangerous health issues.

Food containers should be sustainable and probably expand the life span or edibility of your food. Glass jar and container do exactly that. They do not release harmful chemicals into your food and keep your food clean and hygienic. Also, they do not let the air and dust outside the box enter into them as they are tightly covered.

Best Glass Food storage containers

1. Glass food storage jars

The need for medium-sized glass food storage jars has always been felt in every household. Be it for storing lunch leftovers or soaked oats for breakfast, or even leftover fruits, glass jars serve the best purpose. But, it is not easy to find perfect-sized quality products.

However, not all glass jars are of good quality. The glass jars should be resistant to extreme temperature, thick in design, and lid with air-tight sealing. Glass container with these specifications probably means that your jar is perfect for household use and even healthy.

2. Juice bottles

Indisputably, all households use plastic bottles to store water, juices, and other liquid food substances. But, it is extremely unhealthy, according to studies. Barring the temperature of the food, studies quote that food ought not to be stored in plastic containers for a longer duration.

They contaminate the food and cause health issues in the longer term. Hence, glass jars serve the best purpose as compared to plastic bottles. Also, they are affordable, sustainable, and healthy. Glass jars can be used to store all kinds of liquid food substances like juices, milk, yogurt, oil, water, or even smoothies.

3. Candy jars

Candies and cookies are often left and stored in their covers and forgotten in the cabinets. This frequently happens in many households. Although you can use the same food containers for candies and cookies, there are dedicated jars for storing your favorite food items.

There are both very large jars to store cookies for year-long use and small ones to hide candies away from your kids. They can also be used interchangeably as per your requirements and quantities of food to be stored. This flexibility is not available for plastic containers.

4. Fruit bowls

Have you been leaving your leftover fruits in the eating bowls with open-top? Then you are welcoming harmful bacteria to invade your food and health as well. Lack of functional food storage bowls and containers leave us in these kinds of tricky situations often. But, it no longer has to happen again.

There are dedicated fruit bowl containers available in the market to fill this gap. These fruit bowls act as both eating bowls and storage containers. So, now your dining table doesn’t have to be occupied with fruit bowls alone.

5. Spice containers

Finding perfect containers has been a hectic task for everyone. Have you been scratching your head not knowing where to store your spices? You no longer have to. Have you ever seen the cute spice jars coming in different shapes, sizes, and styles? One cannot resist bringing these cute things home.

Besides being cute, these spice jars are highly functional and serve the purpose just right. These tiny spice jars come in shapes that look like bulbs, tree pots, and even milk can. Isn’t it cool and fun? They easily fit into your storage shelves, too, as they are tiny.

6. Mason jars

There is a clear need for glass containers with lids for food in every household. These are multi-functional and frequently used to store any food item. These food jars come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

You can use a tiny mason jar with a straw for your kid to avoid spilling milk all over your place. You can also use these mason jars to store pulses. As they come in different shapes, they add a great character to your kitchen in addition to serving your best purpose.

7. Coffee containers

Have you been shoving your coffee and tea covers in your kitchen cabinets for years? This is a pretty common sight to be found in every household. If you haven’t purchased the dedicated coffee containers already, you are missing a lot. If you want to keep your coffee beans fresh, these glass jar containers are the best.

These glass jars do not let the strong aroma of your coffee beans outside the jar. Hence, you can experience the same strong smell every time you open the jar for some freshly brewed coffee.

8. Teapots

There is literally no alternative to the Chinese material-made teapots available in the market. But, how many of you know that the material used in these pots can be harmful in the long run? If only you had not had an alternative, would you have let that happen to your health? These glass teapots are available in multiple sizes and styles.

They can keep your tea hot for hours allowing you to enjoy the heat when you take your first sip. The best part is that these teapots come with metal lids. Hence, the aroma and heat have no way to escape from the pot.


There is a general misconception that glass jar containers are very expensive. But they don’t necessarily have to be. Even the highest quality jars come at affordable price ranges. In addition to all the benefits, glass jars add a classy look to your kitchen and house.

Although you will have to handle glass jars with great care, they are more durable than plastic containers. Also, the bottle caps can be ordered or customized in different styles for better functionality. The same option is not available for plastic containers.

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